Producing Rule Compliant Schedules with Ease

You can now validate existing schedules, produce new schedules, and optimize schedules in minutes

PFM Scheduling Modules


Evaluates schedules for:

  • Compliance with union rules
  • Compliance with best practice rules
  • Quality shift patterns
  • Adherence to baselines


Produces schedules that are:

  • Rule compliant
  • Budget compliant
  • Manage fatigue
  • Enhance employee satisfaction


Facilitates the production of efficient schedules by:

  • Adjusting the FT/PT FTE ration
  • Identifying the optimal position FTE’s
  • Calculating the optimal number of positions


Utilizes a customizable array of analytics to provide categorical information that is of value such as:

  • Rule violations
  • Schedule cost
  • Potential schedule cost
  • Baseline variance